My Professional Story

I’ve been seeing clients for over twenty years and was first licensed in California in 2005 (MFC #42230). I chose marriage and family therapy as a specialty because I’m passionate about relationships. I believe healthy relationships form the backbone of a fulfilling life. When you feel secure and supported, when you’re able to provide that sort of security and support to others, it makes a huge difference.

My style is warm, direct, and empathetic. I’m active in the session, making sure to keep my clients fully engaged so that they’ll get the most out of our time together. There won’t be dead air and you’ll rarely be asked, “How does that make you feel?” I’m very interested in how you feel but there are way better, more specific questions than that.

More than 75% of my practice is with couples, and I’ve trained extensively in emotionally focused therapy (EFT.) I’ve done additional training in sex therapy. I draw on other models and strategies as needed, including Gottman, mindfulness, narrative, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectical behavior.

My work is always based in attachment theory, whether it’s with an individual or a couple. I’m looking at how connected you are to your own emotions, and how connected you are to the people who matter most. Together, we’ll strengthen those connections and help you get the life you want.