Sex Therapy

I understand how vulnerable it can feel to reach out for help around sex and intimacy. I’ll work to create an environment that’s safe and supportive, either in individual treatment or as part of couples therapy. Together, we’ll figure out what’s getting in the way of the pleasure you’d like to experience.

Sexuality is complicated, and it changes throughout our lives. What was once erotic might not be anymore. We might not feel like we even have time for the erotic, that it’s all just become routine and mechanical.

For example, sex might not feel the same physically for a woman once she’s had kids, and it likely won’t be in the same place on the priority list. That’s okay; it can even be wonderful. But it will be different, and it’s important to talk honestly about that.

In therapy, we’ll look at what you’re feeling about yourself (whether you’re comfortable in your own body, if you know your preferences and desires and feel comfortable expressing them) and how you’re feeling within the relationship. I’ll customize my approach to your history, your present experiences, and the future you want to build.

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