Sex Therapy

I understand how vulnerable it can feel to reach out for help around sex and intimacy. I’ll work to create an environment that’s safe and supportive, either in individual treatment or as part of couples therapy. Together, we’ll figure out what’s getting in the way of the enjoyment you’d like to experience.

Sex therapy can help if you’re…

  • feeling disconnected from your partner at the moments you’d like to feel the closest
  • experiencing body image issues that interfere with pleasure
  • unsure what you like
  • unsure how to express your preferences
  • finding your sex to be routine, mechanical, or otherwise unsatisfying
  • experiencing low desire (or lower than your partner’s)
  • avoiding sex, using alcohol in order to be able to have sex, or “faking” it
  • trying to overcome trust issues
  • in conflict with your partner about sex
  • having difficulty with erection or ejaculation
  • feeling pain during sex
  • unable to orgasm
  • struggling to deal with sexual changes associated with medical conditions, infertility, or aging
  • wanting to inject more eroticism and playfulness
  • looking to increase your sexual fulfillment

There are a lot of factors involved in having a satisfying, connected sensual life. Maybe you feel held back by negative messages you received about sex as a child, or current dynamics in your relationship keep you from being “in the mood.” Perhaps you’ve experienced past trauma. Or it could be depression, stress, or just the demands of everyday life that have moved sex much lower on your priority list. Sexuality is complex, but rest assured: you can be helped.

Please contact me at (510)859-8024 and we can talk about how therapy can get you back on track to the life and love you want.