Couples Therapy

Maybe you’re tired of living like distant roommates or friendly colleagues and want to feel in love again, or you just want to stop the bickering and fights. You no longer feel heard, appreciated, or fully seen. The mistakes, miscommunications, resentments, or even betrayals have been building up and you and your partner can’t seem to feel close anymore.

I practice emotionally focused therapy (EFT) which I’ve found to be incredibly effective for a broad range of issues. That doesn’t mean it’s one-size-fits-all. What it means is, my goal isn’t just to help you overcome a specific problem but rather, help build (or rebuild) a deep emotional connection to your partner.

That sort of connection has been shown to improve individual mental health and if you have children, it’ll benefit them as well. They’ll see every day what a healthy, fulfilling partnership looks like.

I also work with couples specifically around sexual intimacy. You can learn more about that here.

I’d love to learn about your particular situation and talk about how couples therapy can help. Please contact me for a free video consultation.