Family Therapy

Sometimes I see families because there’s a lot of conflict. Sometimes there’s a lot of disconnection, with the members leading very separate lives.

I meet with children or teens who are exhibiting emotional or behavioral issues and their parents aren’t sure what to try next. Or it might be adult children and their parents as they tackle transitions or try to build the type of relationship they’ve always wanted.

My style is collaborative and attachment focused. What that means is, my goal is to help strengthen the emotional bonds between family members so that they can withstand whatever challenges life throws at them, together.

I do see some adolescents individually, but in many cases, I recommend family therapy. That’s because in multiple studies, attachment-based family therapy has been proven to be one of the most effective treatments for teenagers’ symptoms.

Also, individual therapy with an adolescent means that your child is developing an emotional bond with an outside provider who, by definition, will eventually be exiting your child’s life. My aim is for parents to be able to give their children a lifetime of connection and support.

Please call or email. I’d love to find out more about your family, and how I can help.