Life transitions can be stressful and frightening. Whether you separate and reconcile, or ultimately divorce, my goal is to help you do it in as healthy a way as possible. That means lower costs, financially and emotionally; more effective co-parenting; and the knowledge that you’ve behaved with dignity and decency.

Separation counseling is for when you’re considering or are in the                process of setting up two homes. You’re hoping to handle things in a way that generates good will, possibly leaving the door open to reconciliation later

Co-parenting counseling can help when you’ve already split up and are having difficulty communicating and making decisions in the best interests of your children. You could use a neutral and compassionate third party to faciliate productive conversations.

Divorce coaching is for individual emotional and practical support around the divorce. You’d benefit from an informed advocate who’s on your team, ushering in the next phase of your life.

I’m here if you need me!