Life transitions can be stressful and frightening. Whether you separate and reconcile, or ultimately divorce, my goal is to help you do it in as healthy a way as possible. That means lower costs, financially and emotionally; more effective co-parenting; and the knowledge that you’ve behaved with dignity and decency.

Separation counseling can help when…

  • you and your partner are considering or are in the process of setting up separate residences
  • you need to make a lot of decisions, ideally together, and are finding that you’re arguing or hitting many impasses
  • you want to save yourself (and your children) a lot of pain by having a safe place to communicate, plan, problem-solve, and grieve
  • you’d like to figure out how to tell your children and support them through the transitions that are to come
  • you hope to handle things in a way that generates good will, possibly leaving the door open to reconciliation later

Co-parenting counseling can help when…

  • you’re having difficulty communicating and making decisions in the best interests of your children
  • you could benefit from a neutral third party to facilitate tough conversations
  • you and/or your former partner are still reactive to one another and need to get beyond the past in order to create a more peaceful future

Divorce coaching can help when…

  • you could use individual emotional and practical support around the divorce–an informed advocate who’s on your team, ushering in the next phase of your life
  • you feel overwhelmed, like you’re not making good decisions, or are too paralyzed to make any decisions
  • you’re not sure how to help your children
  • your divorce is high conflict and/or your ex is manipulative
  • you’re determined to turn this into an opportunity for a more fulfilling life