About Holly

I believe that deep down, people do know what’s really best for themselves, but past trauma, present stress, or other variables can interfere. Together, we’ll push past the barriers so you can find greater¬†happiness, vitality, and fulfillment, as well as a stronger connection with others.

I’ve been seeing clients for almost twenty years and was first licensed in California in 2005 (MFC #42230). I can do brief therapy or more long-term work, from skills training to insight-oriented psychotherapy. I’ve worked with a wide range of populations and mental health diagnoses, including personality disorders. I’m trained in emotionally-focused therapy for couples, and in sex therapy.

But what you really want to know is how I’ll work with you, and the answer is: collaboratively. We’ll draw upon my experience and yours so that we can find what’s most helpful.

Please call me at (510) 859-8024 or email me at holly@hollybrownmft.com. I’d love to¬†connect with you!