Life transitions can be stressful and frightening. Whether you separate and reconcile, or ultimately divorce, my goal is to help you do it in as healthy a way as possible. That means lower costs, financially and emotionally;┬ámore effective co-parenting; and the knowledge that you’ve behaved with dignity and decency.

Please read on to see whether separation counseling, divorce counseling, or divorce coaching is right for you.

Separation counseling can help when…

  • you and your partner are considering or are in the process of setting up separate residences
  • you need to make a lot of decisions, ideally together, and are finding that you’re arguing or hitting many impasses
  • you want to save yourself (and your children) a lot of pain by having a safe place to communicate, plan, problem-solve, and grieve
  • you’d like to figure out how to tell your children and how to support them through the transitions that are to come
  • you hope to handle things in a way that generates good will, possibly leaving the door open to reconciliation later

Divorce counseling can help when…

  • you and your former partner are in the divorce process and are finding that strong emotions are interfering with your ability to settle issues
  • you are willing to come to therapy together now to reduce reactivity and save heartache (and mounting attorneys’ fees) later
  • you want a less acrimonious divorce, which benefits everyone, especially your children
  • you recognize that you will always be connected through your children, and want to figure out how to be the best co-parents you can

Divorce coaching can help when…

  • you could use individual emotional and practical support around the divorce–an informed advocate who’s on your team, ushering in the next phase of your life
  • you feel like you’re not making good decisions, or are too paralyzed to make any decisions
  • you’re not sure how to help your children
  • you’re overwhelmed by the divorce process, with its paperwork and jargon
  • your divorce is high conflict, and your former partner won’t do counseling with you
  • you’re feeling manipulated by your ex
  • you could use help creating clear and organized plans, broken into small steps
  • you want to save money. By sorting through feelings and practical options in coaching sessions, you can be more targeted in conversations with your legal team (their hourly rates are undoubtedly higher than mine)
  • you’re determined to turn this into an opportunity for a more fulfilling life.

Please contact me today to see what kind of support can best help you through your life transition.